Thursday, February 3, 2011

Serving Adults at a Distance? Join Transparency by Design

Dear Friends,

If you follow higher education coverage in the media, you will know that there is increasing pressure on us to produce and measure learning outcomes. Well, Charter Oak has been working on solutions to this need and our Capstone courses are part of our response. But Charter Oak is also a founding member of Transparency by Design (TbD), which has created an online presence that is offering institutions a way to publish their program-level outcomes for inspection and comparison by prospective students. We are very proud of that project, and as the current chair of the TbD executive committee, I was asked to write a blog entry about the College Choices for Adults website. Here is a link to that piece, which was published by WCET:

Serving Adults at a Distance? Join Transparency by Design, a guest blog post on WCET by Ed Klonoski


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